Friday, December 11, 2009

Grandma After Funerals — «Crisis»

Ok guys, here I am. Your beloved spy, Russia. Haa, now I will start revealing the awful truth of art's background intrigues. It would be a story from my home country today. Yeah, lets learn more about Russia The Motherland. :D
"THE WALL" (rus: СТЕНКАgallery is the first gallery of comtemporary art beyond the Arctic circleOn the evening of 25th March, 2009, in "THE WALL" held its first exhibition. The satirical exhibition called "Crisis" was presented by the art group 'Grandma After Funerals' (rus: Бабушка после похорон) and was devoted to the unrealizable consequences of the economical crisis
All in all, the group presented 5 art works aimed to criticize current situation in Russia and one wall was "signed" by artists, giving the audience the title and sources for future contacts with the group. 
Here it is, by the way:

GAF «Crisis» 25.03.2009
The text under each picture is basically a translation of the poster's text plus a brief explanation of what's on the picture in case you not really familiar with my country:) 

So, thats the first art work:

172 700 m2
Government House of the Russian Federation

Second one is a pretty rough one, isn't it?

Crisis lunch


"Available desk!" McDonalds
(on the pic.: 'Sieg Heil!', traditional Nazi salute)

80% SALE 80% SALE 80% SALE
Clearance sale of winter collection!
(on the pic.: the entrance to the Winter Palace and the Hermitage Museum
The Hermitage Museum is the largest art gallery in Russia and is among the largest and most respected art museums in the world.

And the last, killing one:

Will work for food
(on the pic.: Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister)

Chapter II: “Dialogue of cultures”
The art group was pleased to know that their initiative was supported by the local police. On March 30, 2009 people in grey opened in the gallery "THE WALL" the second exhibition later called “Dialogue of cultures”. The Murmansk police creatively rethought the content of the original exhibition and continued the discussion about the economical crisis in their own way.


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