Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anti-War Iraq War Artwork

Hey Everyone,

This post is a tribute to the ongoing suffering of the Iraqi people.

Seven years on and the unjustified war in Iraq still wages on with an ever-growing tragic deathtoll. Someone once said to me that "There's no angel's in war" and until this day I stick by that statement. No matter how justified a war may seem - how it seems to "need" to happen - there's nothing beneficial about wars, innocent people will die. Women, children and elderly will die for no good reason but for the bullsh** and false ideals of men. The Iraq War epitomises everything i've just mentioned, and I believe it is one of the major wars which have been fought for the utmost wrong reasons and is waste of not only money, time and resources, but of precious human life.

Like all wars, since the 1950s, the 2003 Iraq War has spawned a large, yet underpublished and publicised Anti-Iraq War Art Movement. I honestly have not seen any Anti-Iraq War art anywhere other than the internet. The Anti-War movement is publically strong in contemporary music, film and literature, but I must comment not as strong as it was during the Vietnam War - where public opinion and the Anti-War movement in the arts was that strong - it was a strong factor in ending the Vietnam War (See, Wiki's Opposition to the US involvement in the Vietnam War).
Furthermore, I think it's tragic that Anti-War art in particular is not an influential element on the masses in exposing and revealing the perals and plight of the Iraqi people under the occupation of the Coalition forces. It saddens me to walk down the street and see people wearing Che Guevara shirts (a revolutionary who stood for better change) but not wearing Anti-Iraq War shirts, which is no doubt a war that impacts us and will impact us in ways we have yet to understand.

However, despite the lack of presence of Anti-Iraq War art as an influence to masses as an influence to end the war; it is still there and whether it is due to governmental censorship (as Val explored a while ago) or lack of interest by the seemingly selfish public, the  Anti-Iraq War art can be found in the thousands on the net - each revolutionary and interesting in their own little way. The art is highly political as they exploit the U.S government's arrogance, the decadence of the U.S politicians as well as expose the sufferings of the Iraq people and U.S soldiers. Moreover the Anti-War in Iraq art exploits the ideologies such as corporate greed, capitalism and globalisation which it sees as the catalyst for the war.

Here are some Anti-Iraq War images I like (all are sourced from

So what do you guys think of the artwork? Why do you think Anti-Iraq War Art has not been such a publicised movement?
That's all I have for you guys today.
Peace out. Make Love Not War.


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