Wednesday, January 13, 2010

CarriageWorks - Sydney's Coolest Gallery

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The other day, I went to see the EOS Photo5 2009 Inaugural Exhibition at CarriageWorks, an art gallery at the old Everleigh Railway Yards near Redfern. Overall, I was impressed with the close to 7000 pictures on exhibited submitted by professional and amatuer photographers - all who used Eos 5 Canon digital cameras. Despite being impressed by the actual photography on exhibition - I was thoroughly impressed with the venue more which is a juxtaposition between a contemporary artesque interior and an old 19th Century industrial architecture of the exterior. I honestly found the history and the art of building a little more interesting than the exhibition itself and I believe the place deserves alot of credit. The place honesty reminded me of the mis-en-scene of many futuristic films.

 Image Courtesy of Google Maps

CarriageWorks was opened early 2007 as a an contemporary arts centre by Art NSW. The art centre is in a couple of the old industrial railway yard sheds which dot the landscape between Redfern and Erskineville which in the 1880s was the centre of Sydney's booming railway industry in the area known as Everleigh (which is part of the Redfern-Waterloo precinct). I believe the building is a perfect testament to the effective use of the recycling of historical buildings and the utilising of space for contemporary purposes. CarriageWorks is multi-venue with theatres, galleries and a large exhibition space - so it's a place which has a melting pot of different contemporary arts; dance, plays, installations, scuptures and typical visual arts.  Overall, it's an awesome place.

Current & Upcoming Visual Arts Events
-  Lynette Wallworth (9 - 14 JANUARY)

- Eos Photo5 2009 Inaugural Exhibition ( 7 - 24 JANUARY 2010)
- Alex Kershaw's One of Several Centres ( THURS 11 FEBRUARY – SAT 6 MARCH 2010)
- Nigel Helyer's Ghostrain  (THUR 11 FEB – WED 17 MARCH, AND THEN THURS 13 MAY – SAT 5 JUNE 2010)

How to Get There 
Basically just catch a train to Redfern Station or Macdonaldtown Station and it's about 5 minute walk there - it's basically next to the rail network between Redfern and Macdonaldtown or even catch a bus that goes through there.
Oh yeah and the address for the place is as follows (Google Map):
CarriageWorks, 245 Wilson St. Eveleigh, NSW 2015.  

That's all! 

I highly recommend you go there and check it out yourself! 
Peace out. Make Art Not War.


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