Saturday, January 16, 2010

Iranian unusual protest

It is well-know that it is dangerous to express the dissatisfaction with the existing state system in Iran. People look for usual forms of protest. And, of course, they find it.

Money are money, and in Iran too. I.e. it is prohibited to draw, write, and put stamps on them. But, on the other hand, it is done quiet often. For example, when you exchange rials for dollars, some exchange offices put small business stamp on the notes. It confirms the authenticity of money, and in case of problems (somebody suddenly decides that these dollars are fake) police can find the one who sold it.

Now, Iranian opposition figures started to stamp revolutionary images and slogans on rials. Of course, the head of the National Bank has already expressed his protest against the damage of state property. And, deputies of the Majlis expressed their idea to invalidate such bank notes. But there are too many of them already and anyone can get a revolutionary greeting.

Death only to the dictator!
You never said where is your 63 percent (a reference to the fact that the demonstrations in support of Ahmadinejad always has very few people).

You, appointed, be afraid of the dust storm! (After the elections, Ahmadinejad called the opposition on the streets 'the dust')

Above: Not our Sohrab died, the authority died.
Below: (in the icon instead of the swastika should be the word "Allah", it is the emblem of the Iranian national television) Our television is our shame.

We did not have your black name in our green ballots (about Ahmadinejad)


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